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Transform Data Effortlessly

With Tabulate, transform messy data into actionable insights. No coding, no complexity.

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Specialized for Data Cleaning

Clean your data like a pro with Tabulate's dedicated data cleaning actions. Remove duplicates, find missing values, and fix inconsistencies with ease. Unlike generic spreadsheet tools, Tabulate is designed specifically for data cleaning.

Simple File Merging

Combine information from multiple files, enriching your analysis and creating added value. Transform diverse data sources into a unified, powerful insight.

Effortless Data Reshaping

Discover the power of easy data aggregation and pivoting. Reshape your data to uncover trends, patterns, and relationships that were invisible in its raw state.

Bulk Actions Simplified

Forget the tedious, cell-by-cell changes of the past. Tabulate lets you apply updates across entire columns or rows with just a few clicks, saving you countless hours.

Intelligent Helper

Imagine having a data analyst by your side, offering suggestions and guidance as you articulate your goals. Tabulate's helper feature listens to your needs and proposes actions, simplifying the journey from raw data to clear insights. It's like having a conversation with your data, leading you to the answers you seek.

No-Code by Design

Tabulate is designed for users who don't need to know how to code. You can clean, merge, reshape, and update your data using a simple and intuitive interface. You bring your expertise to the table, and the tool takes care of the rest.

See How Tabulate Makes It Possible

Experience the power of effortless data preparation. Transform your data with ease: clean, filter, merge, etc., all in one place.