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Flexible Export Options

From straightforward outputs to customizable integrations, Tabulate provides export solutions to empower your data story.

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Standard CSV Exports

Effortlessly export your data preparation results as CSV files, ready for use in any application. This universally compatible format ensures seamless sharing and continuity across different platforms.

Code Export for Advanced Needs

Go beyond standard exports by downloading the code that powers your data transformations. Choose from SQL, Python, or R formats to kickstart further customization, ideal for those who want to dive deeper into data analytics.

Image Exports

Enhance your presentations and publications with high-quality chart images from Tabulate. Export in PNG or SVG formats, or opt to obtain the underlying data to craft polished visuals tailored to your audience.

Code Exports for Custom Integration

Export your visualizations as HTML and JavaScript code. This option is ideal for data analysts who need to tweak visual outputs for specific project requirements.

Export And Continue Your Data Journey

Discover the export options available in Tabulate to seamlessly transition your data insights into actionable outcomes. From standard CSV files to code exports, Tabulate provides the flexibility you need.