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Why Tabulate: Our Mission and Vision

Welcome to the first blog post of Tabulate! We are excited to share our journey and vision with you. As we kick off this blog, we want to introduce you to Tabulate, explain our mission, and show you how we aim to make a data tool accessible for everyone.

Jeremy Greze


Our Mission

At Tabulate, our mission is simple: to make a data tool accessible, affordable, and usable for everyone.

Handling tabular data should be easy. Whether you're a biologist, journalist, researcher, or anyone working with data, Tabulate is here to help you focus on what you do best, without needing to learn how to code or hire a data scientist.

We believe that data is a powerful resource that should be available to all, not just to those with specialized technical skills or large budgets.

Who Can Use Tabulate?

Tabulate is designed for a wide range of users:

In short, Tabulate is for professionals who have expertise in their field and need a simple yet powerful tool to manage their data efficiently, without being data experts.

Democratizing Data Handling

We are committed to democratizing data handling. Everywhere we look, we encounter tabular data—in spreadsheets, databases, and open data sources. Managing this data involves many tasks: combining, cleaning, assembling, extracting, reshaping, and more. Tabulate simplifies all these processes.

Our software enables you to effortlessly transform and refine your tabular data, and create visualizations when needed. You don't need to be a data expert to benefit from Tabulate; our intuitive interface is designed to be user-friendly.

Leveraging Founder’s Expertise

I have spent years in the data analysis world, including work at a leading enterprise AI software company. I want to bring the powerful features used by large enterprises to smaller but equally important entities. Research labs, startups, media organizations, freelancers and others deserve powerful tools too, and Tabulate is here to provide them.

A Different Kind of Software Company

Tabulate is not about disrupting industries or creating a new paradigm. We focus on creating simple, effective, and affordable software that meets the needs of our users. By building the right tool for you, we make it an obvious choice to use.

AI as a Helper, Not the Core

While Artifical Intelligence is a current trend and many tools focus heavily on it, we believe these technologies are not meant to replace human work. AI-powered features in Tabulate are not the core of our software but a helper to ease your work. We recognize that they can be useful to get started quickly, automate repetitive tasks, or suggest actions. But we also know that human expertise is irreplaceable.

The Open Source Question

We are still considering whether to make Tabulate open source. While I value open source, our main focus is on our core users who are not typically developers. Opening up the source code might attract a different audience and shift our focus away from the needs of our primary users. Our goal is to build a great product and develop a sustainable company for the long term.

The Funding / VC Question

We are cautious about VC funding. We consider it but are unsure if it's the right path for us. While VC funding can help us grow, we worry it might shift our focus away from affordability and broad accessibility. Our priority is to keep Tabulate user-centric and maintain our mission of making a data tool accessible for everyone.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are not only committed to democratizing data handling, but we also recognize our responsibility towards the environment. We believe that every business, no matter how small or large, can make a significant impact through its practices and policies. In line with this, we plan to incorporate a special clause in our terms to ensure that our software is not used by businesses that have not demonstrated a commitment to transitioning away from fossil fuels.


At Tabulate, we are on a mission to make a data tool easy for everyone. We're working to make it happen. We invite you to join our beta program, share your feedback, or just reach out to us. Your input is crucial as we work to create the best tool for you. Feel free to contact me directly at {email obfuscated}.

Jeremy Greze,
The Founder of Tabulate