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From scientific research to journalism, make sense of your data with Tabulate's intuitive interface.
Clean, reshape, and visualize - no coding required.

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Transform Messy Data into Clear Insights

Navigating the sea of raw data can be daunting. Missing values, discrepancies, and multiple datasets often lead to inaccurate analyses and misinformed decisions.
Tabulate’s powerful data preparation features ensure you no longer have to be a data expert to clean and normalize your datasets.

Visualize Your Data Effortlessly

Craft your charts using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. From bar charts and scatter plots to intricate geographical mappings, explore and comprehend the complexities of your data. With real-time updates, you can see the impact of your changes instantly. Discover more on our Data Visualization page.

Safe and Flexible Data Manipulation

Transform and analyze your data without the risk of data loss. Tabulate ensures all transformations are non-destructive, allowing you to explore various analytical paths confidently. Read more on our Non-Destructive & Real-Time page.

Flexible Export Options

From straightforward outputs to customizable integrations, Tabulate provides export options to empower your data story. Export your data preparation results as CSV files, high-quality chart images, or even code in SQL, Python, or R formats for further customization and analysis.

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Potential Praise for Tabulate

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"In the future, I see myself relying on Tabulate to make my marine research more insightful, focusing on analysis rather than data hurdles."

Marine Biologist

"The upcoming Tabulate platform promises to boost my investigative processes, handling multiple datasets with ease."

Investigative Journalist

"My needs are to easily manage and analyze complex datasets, to make my sociological research more impactful."


About us

Jeremy Greze

Meet Jeremy Greze, the driving force behind our innovative SaaS software tailored for data enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. With a rich eight-year tenure at fast-growing data science startup, culminating in a role as Director of Program Management where he championed user experience enhancements, Jeremy is positioned to revolutionize the way we interact with data.

Tabulate is founded on a clear mission: to make a data tool accessible, affordable, and usable for everyone. Tabulate empowers researchers, journalists, consultants, educators, and enthusiasts around the globe.

Join us in this ambitious journey to transform how we interact with data. Read more about our mission and vision on our blog.